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Antares Venezia

Antares Venezia is an Italian jewelry brand with authenticity and expert craftsmanship at its heart. Explore an exquisite collection of hand-blown Murano glass jewelry designed to express the identity of its wearer.
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Antares Venezia Jewelry for Women

Having dedicated over twenty years to pursuing innovative ideas, new materials and the most ingenious techniques, Antares Venezia presents an evolving collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings season after season. Though styles are designed for everyday wear, each piece is full of character and will help you add a statement finish to any look.

Every piece of jewelry from Antares Venezia is handcrafted on the island of Murano, using the time-honored art of glass blowing to ensure a beautiful and unique accessory. Fulvia Notari is the designer and expert glassworker behind each style.