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Eton clothing is designed with the highest quality fabrics and expert tailoring techniques to create luxury menswear for the modern gentleman. Crafted in the finest fabrics, Eton shirts will leave you looking and feeling immaculate all day long.

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Exquisite Quality With Eton Shirts

Founded in Gånghester‎, ‎Sweden in 1928, Eton began life with founder Annie Petterson sewing quality garments for friends and family. Due to the popularity of Petterson's work, she and her husband David decided to create the label that is now a leading player in the premium shirt market.

The name Eton was chosen by their sons who were on a visit to the UK. Inspired by the well-dressed gentleman of the town they decided to begin creating a shirt with modern appeal. The Eton shirt was so popular that they chose it as their company name. Adorning the front of their factory headquarters that they still use today.

Eton carefully design each shirt to cater for the modern man's lifestyle landscape. Utilising the finest fabrics including silk, cotton, linen and wool, Eton men's shirts showcase the highest quality, elegance and durability. The collection delivers a variety of details and finishes to choose from. Featuring tailored Eton dress shirts through to effortless casual shirting, there is a style match to suit any occasion.

With an established collection of diverse and versatile shirts for any occasion, Eton will effortlessly dress you from business to downtime. Boasting authentic Swedish craftsmanship with an unwavering attention to detail. An Eton shirt has became a global choice for the style savvy gentleman.