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Rino and Pelle

Rino and Pelle, a leading name in high-quality outerwear, is renowned for its timeless and iconic collection of coats designed to withstand cold weather challenges. With a commitment to blending traditional and modern elements, the jackets and coats offer a perfect balance of style, durability, and unparalleled comfort during the winter months.

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Rino and Pelle: Timeless Outerwear for Cold Weather Challenges

Rino and Pelle is synonymous with timeless style and comfort during the winter months. The brand's dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and design has positioned it as a go-to choice for those seeking cosy and luxurious outerwear that withstand the challenges of cold weather.

Ethos of Rino and Pelle

Rino and Pelle takes pride in seamlessly blending traditional and modern elements to create contemporary classic pieces. Their chic and iconic style is reflected in a diverse range of coats, as well as a host of accessories including bags, gloves, hats and scarves, all carefully designed to be timeless and relevant in the ever-evolving fashion industry. The brand understands the importance of creating fashion that endures both in style and durability.

Craftsmanship and Design Excellence

Setting the bar high for craftsmanship, the brand ensures meticulous attention to detail in every coat they produce. From stitching to materials, each aspect is carefully considered, resulting in coats known for their superior construction, durability, and longevity. Drawing inspiration from traditional and contemporary sources, the coats boast a unique and elevated design aesthetic.

The Cosy Appeal of Rino and Pelle Coats

A distinctive feature of the label's coats is their ability to provide a cosy and warm feeling in cold weather. Addressing the challenges of staying stylish and comfortable during winter, the brand's coats incorporate faux fur fabrics, adding vegan-friendly warmth while making a fashion statement. Whether a reversible puffer coat or a versatile gilet, the label ensures that their coats balance insulation and style effortlessly.

The Rino and Pelle Collection

The extensive Rino and Pelle collection offers a fresh take on winter outerwear. With a variety of colours and styles, the brand caters to different preferences, from feminine vibes to luxurious and snug designs. The selection includes elegant coats with boxy silhouettes for a contemporary look, designed to be versatile for easy layering and enhancing overall outfit appeal.

Unbeatable Quality and Durability

Rino and Pelle's commitment to quality extends beyond design and craftsmanship. Carefully selected materials ensure maximum durability and functionality, allowing their coats to withstand harsh weather conditions. The brand delivers on the dual fronts of fashion and practicality, offering outerwear that remains fashionable while providing protection and insulation. Investing in a jacket translates to investing in a piece that stands the test of time.

Style Inspired by Tradition and Modernity

The label's coats strike a perfect balance between classic and contemporary styles. Rooted in traditional outerwear, their designs incorporate modern elements to stay relevant and on-trend. Whether it's a glamorous faux fur coat or a trendy puffer jacket, Rino and Pelle infuses classic designs with a fresh and modern twist, making their coats a staple in any winter wardrobe.

Indulge in Comfort with Rino and Pelle at Jules B

As official Rino and Pelle stockists, Jules B offers a curated collection that epitomises timeless elegance, functionality, and comfort during cold weather. The commitment to creating luxurious and snug outerwear is evident in every piece. The coats, available at Jules B, provide unparalleled warmth, insulation, and protection, empowering women to face the winter months with confidence and style.