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Psycho Bunny

Psycho Bunny proudly refer to their design mantra "quality as a habit" when describing their collections. Robert Goldmen, with friend Robert Godley, established Psycho Bunny in 2006. Influenced by English tailoring, the two developed their label to reinvent casual classics with superb quality.

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Psycho Bunny Clothing: Classics Reinvented

Psycho Bunny is a brand that has gained worldwide recognition for its unique and unconventional style. The brand is renowned for its luxurious clothing, including graphic t-shirts and must-have polos. Showcasing a vibrant spirit and energy, the New York Psycho Bunny brand started out with a fundamental goal to create the perfect polo shirt. The label have since expanded to deliver a whole range of sought-after casual essentials including tees, sweatshirts and baseball caps.

Having spent years perfecting their designs, reinventing classic styles in bold colourways with unique detail. Each piece of Psycho Bunny clothing is crafted to exacting standards to provide a sumptuous feel and exceptional fit - unconventional but packed with individuality.

Every piece of Psycho Bunny clothing has been cut to the label's 'Trim Fit'. A middle ground between slim and classic silhouettes. Tape seam construction, anti roll collars and four way stretch fabric all make for the most comfortable top you'll ever wear.

Look for the iconic Psycho Bunny logo for a true stamp of quality. Embroidered with more than 4000 stitches, the famous skull Bunny acts as the brand's mascot for their unrivalled quality.

Liven-Up Your Weekend Apparel with a Psycho Bunny T-Shirt

The Psycho Bunny t-shirt collection is extensive, with various designs, colours and prints that express personality and individuality. The t-shirts come in a crew neck and short sleeve design with signature details including tipped trims and iconic embroidered Bunny logo, making them stand out from the crowd.

Psycho Bunny t-shirts are expertly engineered with Peruvian cotton pima, which is renowned for its quality and durability. The jersey fabric is super soft to the touch, ensuring day-long comfort, whilst it will retain its colour wash-after-wash.

Psycho Bunny Polos: Tailored to Perfection

Psycho Bunny polo shirts are a mainstay in the brand's repertoire of classics. The Psycho Bunny polo shirt collection features expressive designs that cater for different fashion profiles and tastes. Each Psycho Bunny polo shirt is expertly crafted in the label's unique diamond knit pique that lends the most luxurious texture, whilst heightening breathability and comfort levels. The mother-of-pearl buttons on Psycho Bunny polo shirts add a luxurious touch, making the polos a stand-out choice for the modern man.

Psycho Bunny polos have an anti-roll collar, which ensures that the collar stays in place even after multiple washes. The polos are cleverly designed with taped seams that prevent fraying, ensuring that they remain in perfect condition after each wear. The trim fit of the Psycho Bunny polo shirt gives the wearer a sleek and stylish silhouette.

Casual Classics in a Spectrum of Colour

The standout feature of the Psycho Bunny brand is its use of vibrant colours and exclusive fabrics. The vivid hues provide a dynamic edge to each piece, whilst the exclusive fabrics used by Psycho Bunny give the clothes a luxurious feel, this attention to detail gives the brand a distinct edge compared to mainstream casual menswear.

The Psycho Bunny brand caters to those who want to express their personality through their clothing. Encouraging self-expression and individuality, the label has gained popularity among those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Explore Jules B Today: Official Psycho Bunny Stockist

Complementing their bold wit with exceptional craftsmanship. Psycho Bunny clothing has achieved an original image and cult following that will only continue to develop in the menswear market. The brand's products are tailored to cater to those who appreciate quality, unique style and luxurious fabrics.

As an official men's Psycho Bunny stockist you can shop the range at Jules B with confidence.