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Women's Geox

Geox is an Italian fashion brand that has become internationally renowned for its innovation and technical, high-quality craftsmanship.

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Explore Jules B Today - An Official Geox Stockist

Geox is an Italian footwear and apparel company that was founded in 1995. The label is best known for its innovative use of breathable and waterproof materials which has revolutionised the industry.

Geox has built a strong reputation for its use of advanced technology and design to create breathable, waterproof and comfortable women's footwear. Geox shoes use a patented sole that is made up of two layers, the first layer is made of a breathable and waterproof membrane that allows feet to stay dry and cool. The second layer is made of a rubber-like material that provides cushioning and support - the combination of these two layers gives women's Geox shoes unparalleled levels of comfort and breathability.

Women's shoes by Geox represent a combination of modern style and comfort that can be hard to find elsewhere. Made with technical expertise, Geox shoes feel like they are made just for your feet. Whether you are looking for a casual style to wear around town or a dressy style to wear to the office, Geox has a great selection of women's shoes that are sure to fit your needs. From classic boots to modern sandals, the label deliver a variety of styles that are perfect for any occasion.

Geox's line of women's jackets is designed with comfort, elegance and style in mind.

Made with fabrics that are breathable, lightweight, and waterproof. All jackets by Geox are lined with a soft and comfortable fabric, making them perfect for any weather, whilst the brand also utilise innovative technology called 'Geox Respira', which is designed to keep the wearer effortlessly cool and dry.

Women's Geox jackets are designed with an acute attention to detail. Every stitch and thread is carefully selected and the jackets are designed to fit perfectly. They feature innovative closures such as zippers, buttons and buckles, as well as adjustable drawstrings and Velcro straps. Designed to be both stylish and functional, they are perfect for any occasion. With so many styles and colors to choose from, there is something for everyone and the label's commitment to quality and comfort make these jackets a must-have for any wardrobe.