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Hayley Menzies Skirts

Fill your next evening ensemble with elegance with a womens maxi skirts from Hayley Menzies. Offering maximalist signature prints, flattering slits to the sides and lightweight materials, each skirt from this collection promises to provide an effortless style. Indulge in your favourite womens long skirt and style it with beautiful must-have tops, knitwear, shoes and accessories from more of our established designers. Explore our full range of Hayley Menzies clothing at Jules B to create irresistible outfits for all occasions.

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    Hayley Menzies Belle Starr Merino Jacquard Mini Skirt
    Hayley MenziesBelle Starr Merino Jacquard Mini Skirt
    $129.74 ($258.58) 50% off
    Hayley Menzies Blaze Silk Jacquard Maxi Skirt
    Hayley MenziesBlaze Silk Jacquard Maxi Skirt
    $223.36 ($445.83) 50% off
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