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Samuel Coraux

Experimenting with playful color, movement and quirky design, Parisian designer Samuel Coraux showcases innovative contemporary jewelry that deliver a unique sculptural elegance.

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Explore Your Individuality With Samuel Coraux Jewelry

Since its inception, the Samuel Coraux brand has become an established label that delivers fashion-forward jewelry with a focus on movement, color and volume. Designing jewelry as sculptural objects in their own right, the brand's witty designs exude a strong visual identity born from the designer's own personal experiences.

Coraux turned to jewelry making after a terrible car accident left him unable to move for 6 months. It was during this period that he he realised how creating jewelry allowed him to express his thoughts and moods.

Each piece has drawn inspiration from all areas of the designer's life, including his many travels across the globe. Within each design there are clear explorations into Japanese calligraphy, the iconic colors and light from the cities of Spain, and the quirky sub-culture fashions of the United Kingdom.

Coraux continues to develop his energetic collection of necklaces, earrings and rings. Offering dynamic designs that are not only attractive but packed with surprise and emotion.

As a proud stockist, here at Jules B we showcase a host of Samuel Coraux necklaces and earrings for you to experiment with.