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Samuel Coraux Necklaces

Liven up your jewelry collection with eccentric necklaces by Parisian designer Samuel Coraux.
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Stand-Out From The Crowd With A Necklace By Samuel Coraux

Unique in design and packed with creativity and emotion, a Samuel Coraux necklace will lend any look an off-beat touch.

Utilising fine materials including Murano glass, each necklace delivers the designer's special talent for story-telling. Showcasing distinct inspiration from Coraux's travels, his range of necklaces explore the forms and colour of various locations across the globe. From the flowing lines of Japanese calligraphy, through to the warm colours of the Spanish landscape.

Necklaces by Samuel Coraux have been designed in a variety of silhouettes to suit your looks. From collar necklaces with bold graphic forms, through to more delicate pendant styles that are a piece of modern art in their own right.

Now a prestigious worldwide jewelry designer, Samuel Coraux necklaces are a sought-after choice for any fashion-discerning woman.