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Stetson Flat Caps

Stetson flat caps are a timeless classic. Crafted in high-quality fabrics and packed with heritage-led character.

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Stetson Flat Caps - A Timeless Hat that Exudes Iconic Heritage

Stetson flat caps are a type of hat that have been around since the late 19th century. The classic style is still very much popular today and has long been associated as a symbol of fashion, class and sophistication.

The brand created the design to provide a hat that combined the functionality of a baseball cap with the classic style of a beaver top hat. The cap was an instant success and quickly became a staple of fashionable men’s headwear.

The design of Stetson flat caps is simple, with a rounded crown and a short brim. The cap is usually made from wool, tweed, or cotton, depending on the season or the wearer’s personal taste. The stitched brim is a key detail of the style and the cap comes in numerous color variations and rural-inspired patterns.

Flat caps are popular among many different age groups. They are often seen as a timeless fashion accessory that is both stylish and practical, keeping the head warm in the winter and providing a fashionable accessory in the summer months. They come in many different styles and designs too, such as a Stetson baker boy cap in various high-quality fabrications.

Stetson flat caps are popular among celebrities and everyday folk alike. They can be seen on the heads of actors and musicians across the globe and they have become an iconic fashion item through hit TV shows such as the British gangster series Peaky Blinders.

Carefully crafted in a range of premium fabrics including linen, cotton, wool and leather, there is a Stetson flat cap to match all-year round. Designed in a classic panel construction with top buttons and stitched peaks, each Stetson newsboy cap offers unique character through the label's use of tweed, tartan and color.

As an official Stetson flat cap stockist you can shop an extensive selection of the iconic style at Jules B today. Or why not browse the full Stetson hat range for year-round headwear such as warming beanies, a summer-ready trilby, or popular trucker caps.