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Established in France in 2004, VEJA are at the forefront of sustainable fashion manufacturing. Designed with super modern silhouettes and detail, VEJA trainers have been considerately engineered in Eco-friendly materials with a clear Fair Trade ethos in place.

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Go Green in Style: Sustainable and Versatile VEJA Sneakers

VEJA is a French footwear and lifestyle brand that was founded by Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion. The company is based in Paris, France and is most known for its sustainable, vegan sneakers.

The two friends had a vision to create a sustainable and ethical footwear brand that would have a positive impact on the planet. They were inspired by the lack of transparency and sustainability in the fashion industry and wanted to make a difference.

Choose VEJA Sneakers & Protect the Planet

VEJA’s commitment to sustainability has earned them a loyal following. The company has become a leader in the sustainable fashion industry and is continually looking for ways to reduce its environmental impact.

VEJA focuses on ethical production practices and the use of sustainable materials, with the company committed to making sure its supply chain is ethical and transparent. This commitment has earned them a place as a leader in sustainable fashion.

VEJA shoes are made from organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles, wild Amazonian rubber and vegetable-tanned leather. The label use a variety of techniques to reduce its environmental impact, such as using natural rubber and biodegradable packaging. VEJA also works with small family-run businesses in Brazil to source its materials, helping to support local communities.

The sneakers are manufactured through a production chain that includes organic cotton famers through to wild rubber tappers in the Amazon. The label also utilise waste product including corn worked as leather, sugar cane and even castor oil in order to produce innovative and vegan-friendly options.

Classic VEJA Sneakers for Men & Women

With an ever-growing repertoire of sneaker designs, the collection is home to an array of fashion-forward footwear that exude the brand's signature details and silhouettes.

Look towards popular styles including the VEJA V-10 - updated for the modern world, the V-10 includes vegan options that are water-repellent making them an ideal option for unpredictable climates. Or opt for VEJA Campo sneakers with its ChromeFree leather and a multitude of fresh color combinations to choose between. VEJA sneakers are designed in unisex styles and Jules B are proud to stock an array of designs for both women and men.

VEJA shoes are popular among consumers who are looking for stylish yet ethical fashion. The label has become a perfect example of how companies can use ethical production practices to create a successful business. The perfect go-to sneaker that is helping to mend our planet.