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Womens Duster Coats

Incorporate a fresh style into your wardrobe with a duster coat from our womenswear range.

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    Jacquard Panther Duster
    Hayley MenziesJacquard Panther Duster
    $305.84 ($382.53) 20% off
    Jacquard Panther Duster
    Hayley MenziesJacquard Panther Duster
    $267.50 ($382.53) 30% off
    Blaze Cotton Jacquard Duster
    Hayley MenziesBlaze Cotton Jacquard Duster
    $277.30 ($396) 30% off
    Hari Merino Jacquard Smoking Robe
    Hayley MenziesHari Merino Jacquard Smoking Robe
    $609.28 ($870.27) 30% off
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Ladies Duster Coats

Whether you want to make a daily statement in your everyday outfits or you want the finishing touch to your evening ensemble, a long coat from our collection will be sure to accommodate both. Indulge in our selection of long coats for women for an effortless style and optimum quality. Explore unique pieces from Hayley Menzies that boast vibrant colours and have been crafted to perfection. Style your favourite womens jacket with must-have bags from more inspiring designers at Jules B.