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Jacob Cohen

Menswear label Jacob Cohen craft Eco-friendly jeans and clothing of high quality which have been designed and tailored to perfection. Utilising the finest Japanese Kurabo denim, Jacob Cohen jeans have been carefully handcrafted in Italy for maximum comfort and style.

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Masterful Denim Tailoring With Jacob Cohen Jeans

Utilising the finest materials and handcrafted by skilled artistic tailors, Jacob Cohen jeans showcase an unrivalled uniqueness and premium quality. Produced in the Italian region of Veneto, each pair of designer jeans are created to exacting standards. Crafted in rare fabrics including Japanese Kurabo denim, no two pairs of Jacob Cohen jeans are alike. This is a result of the careful handcrafted process that is undertaken through bespoke needlework and distressed finishing.

Using natural indigo, sustainable materials and ecological manufacturing, Jacob Cohen are a leading brand when it comes to environmentally friendly fashion. Jacob Cohen jeans are a premium choice for the denim connoisseur.

Available in a host of cuts, colors and compositions, each pair guarantees a sumptuously soft feel and exceptional shape retentive fit. The perfect choice for a varied lifestyle landscape. Look to the Jacob Cohen Bard for a slim fit shape with high waist. Or opt for the Jacob Cohen Nick for a more laid-back low waist silhouette.

From the cut through to branded hardware, every aspect of detail is considered. Unrivalled by other denim brands, Jacob Cohen is a masterful label with important principles at its core.