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Paul Smith

Showcasing distinct British heritage through high-quality craftsmanship, Paul Smith is a luxury brand that offers a range of apparel, footwear and accessories that reflect this iconic British designer's eccentric personality.

Paul Smith Man | Paul Smith Woman

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Bright and Bold: Quality Apparel and Accessories from Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a British fashion designer who has been at the forefront of the industry for over 40 years. Smith is known for his classic British style and his bold use of color, which has been credited with helping to revolutionise fashion. Smith’s work has been recognised with numerous awards, including the coveted Designer of the Year award at the British Fashion Awards in 1999.

Paul Smith Clothing Throughout the Years

Smith was born in Nottingham, England, in 1946. He started out his career as a freelance clothing designer in the late 1960s and by the 1970s he had established a successful business designing menswear. Smith’s designs were characterised by his use of bright colors, quirky patterns and classic cuts, which helped to make him a popular choice for the youth of the day.

In the 1980s, Smith’s designs began to move away from his classic British style, as he embraced global influences such as Japanese and Chinese culture. He also began to focus more on luxury fabrics and couture-style detailing. His designs, which often featured bold patterns and bright colors, were popular with a wide range of clients, from celebrities to royalty.

In the 1990s, Smith’s work was further recognised when he was appointed Creative Director of the French fashion house, Louis Vuitton. Smith used his time at the luxury fashion house to create a range of well-crafted and timeless garments, which helped to further cement his reputation as a master of luxury fashion.

Paul Smith - An Influential and Pioneering Figure

Smith’s influence is still felt in the fashion world today. His designs continue to be sought after by celebrities and the general public alike. He is also a strong supporter of the British fashion industry, having founded the Paul Smith Foundation, which seeks to support young designers.

Paul Smith clothing fuses a vibrant sense of humour and plenty of color with traditional design, resulting in seasonal collections that are characterised by their unconventional sophistication.

Iconic Paul Smith Clothing for Men and Women

Shop Paul Smith women for a host of youthful pieces packed with playful energy. The collection is home to an array of apparel and accessories that epitomise the brand's signature design-inspiration.

Awash with vibrant color and iconic pattern, the range showcases tailored outerwear, sumptuous knits and laid-back t-shirts, whilst you can easily accessorise your look with bold handbags in the popular 'Swirl Stripe' pattern.

Or look to Paul Smith man that showcases a multitude of key off-duty pieces and a host of outerwear, tees and shirts from the celebrated PS Paul Smith range.

The casual range delivers classic basics elevated with the brand's famous mascots including the Paul Smith Monkey and Zebra. Expertly crafted in premium fabrics and cut for comfort, the collection conveys modern style whilst maintaining a timeless aesthetic.

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