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Women's VEJA Sneakers

VEJA is a brand that is passionate about creating contemporary sneakers through a socially responsible process. Crafted from innovative eco-friendly materials, your casual outfits will boast a fresh aesthetic with a pair of women's VEJA sneakers.

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VEJA Sneakers for Women

VEJA is a French label that has become a leading brand in producing sustainable and ethical shoes. Their commitment to using eco-friendly materials with a Fair Trade ethos has gained them recognition in the sustainable fashion industry. VEJA women's sneakers, in particular, have become increasingly popular due to their versatile and fashion-forward designs.

VEJA Women's Sneakers - Sustainable and Ethical Footwear

Women's VEJA sneakers are a prime example of the brand's dedication to sustainability. The brand utilises planet-friendly materials including organic cotton, ChromeFree leather, sugar cane and waste caster oil, whilst the use of recycled plastic bottles have been taken from ocean waste.

Moreover, the use of wild Amazonian rubber for the sole of VEJA women's sneakers provides a positive impact on the environment. VEJA works with wild rubber tappers in the Amazon to source their rubber, providing income for local communities while also protecting the rainforest.

VEJA Women's Sneakers - Ethical Manufacturing in Brazil

VEJA's commitment to sustainability is not limited to their materials but also extends to their manufacturing process. All VEJA women's sneakers are manufactured in Brazil, where they support local communities and fair labour practices. The brand's use of vegetable-tanned leather is a more environmentally friendly process than traditional chrome tanning, showcasing the label's innovation and commitment to planet-friendly production.

VEJA Ladies Sneakers - Innovative Styles & Endless Colour Combos

VEJA ladies sneakers come in various styles and designs. The brand's signature detail is the "V" logo on the side of the shoe, which lends a true stamp of the label's authority to each pair.

The range of silhouettes VEJA offers in their women's sneakers also makes them versatile. From high-top to low-top, VEJA women's sneakers can be paired with any outfit and can be dressed up or down, making them perfect for all casual occasions.

One of the significant features of VEJA women's shoes is the brand's unique color combinations. Their unisex designs offer a range of colors that cater to everyone's style. VEJA women's sneakers can be found in classic black and white, or in bolder options like yellow, red and pastel pink. This variety makes the sneakers ideal for those who want to make a statement with their footwear.

Explore Jules B: Official Women's VEJA Shoes Stockists

With a common focus to produce long-lasting designer shoes designed and manufactured with sustainability and Fair Trade in mind. French footwear label VEJA are at the forefront of the modern sneaker market.

Cleverly utilising eco-friendly materials and waste product, each pair of women's VEJA shoes offer a unique take on alternative design. With a thorough Brazilian production chain that includes working closely with cotton farmers and rubber tappers, ladies VEJA sneakers maintain their Fair Trade philosophy.

Now with 25 styles and counting, the brand have a whole collection of sneaker styles to match your fashion profile. Look to the VEJA Campo for a neat cupsole designed in ChromeFree leather, opt for the VEJA Rio Branco for a classic running shoe silhouette. Or add a subtle pop of color into your looks with the timeless VEJA V12.

As an official VEJA stockist you can shop the collection at Jules B with confidence.